05 July, Wednesday, 20:00

JOSEF NADJ & JOËLLE LEANDRE.  PENZUM. 2017.  Production Centre chorégraphique national d’Orléans

On stage, not more than two tables and a wall of white paper on which to draw. Joëlle Léandre, with her double-bass, is wearing an African mask. She faces Josef Nadj, of whom mask and costume are suggesting a female character.

PENZUM is an impromptu in tribute to Hungarian poet Jozsef Attila (1905-1937). Exploring in silence and music excerpts of a diary he wrote on request by Flora Kozmutza his psychoanalyst, as part of his therapy. 

Madly in love with Flora, Jozsef Attila writes in profusion. In a form of automatic writing, he implores and tries to grab her, loses himself in delirium and confused directions.. His love is not reciprocated and his schizophrenia starts over again. The poet dies, throwing himself under a train at the age of 32. Josef Nadj approaches the wall and blackens the white paper with black coal. Narrative patterns emerge: a chrysalis, a butterfly. A music box starts to play, reminding the sound of a freight train… The bodies of the two performers become pictorial, musical and dancing matter and find their full impression in free improvisation.

Duration time — 50 minutes
Ticket cost — 1200-4000 roubles

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