Creative meeting with artist Florence Remy

09 July, Sunday, 14:00

Meeting with the winner of the contest Grand-Format-2016 Florance Remÿ (France Remÿ, France)

On July 9, at 14.00 in the Museum Exhibition Center "Saint Petersburg Artist" a meeting with the artist Florance Remi will take place, the finalist of the annual international competition "Painting on a large format" (Fouger Grand Prix, France 2016), organized by the French association "Cultural Crossroads" and partners.

The young French artist became the owner of one of the awards of the competition, first established in 2016 by the Maryino manor and the Museum Exhibition Center "Petersburg Artist".

Thanks to the high appreciation of the French jury and the sponsorship of the Maryino manor, Florance Remi was given a unique opportunity to spend a week at the farm near St. Petersburg, work in the open air, visit museums and galleries of St. Petersburg, get acquainted with contemporary artists and the cultural life of our city. At the end of the journey Florance will have to attend summer classes at the Academy of Arts. I.E. Repin.

During the meeting in the "Petersburg Artist" Florence Remi will not only share her impressions caused by her trip to St. Petersburg and the Maryino Estate, but also tells about the contemporary artistic life of France, about the difference and whether there are similarities in the contemporary cultural process of the two Countries, the practice of creative competitions in European countries and much more.

At the end of the meeting, we will ask Florance Remy to perform a quick sketch-performance with a still-life. In parallel, the production will be written by the St. Petersburg artist Sergey Lyubimov - winner and participant of the competition in France "Painting on a large format" in 2016 from the estate of Marino.

During the meeting, contest nominees will tell the audience how to become a participant of the project "Painting on a large format" and go to the plein air to France.

Ticket price — 200 roubles 


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