28 July, Friday, 11:00

For the first time in St. Petersburg! Walking tours for moms with children 0+.  Photoshoot as a gift!

The tour passes through the famous Konyushennaya streets with amazing  views of favorite sights of St. Petersburg: Kazan Cathedral, Saviour on the spilled blood,  House of books, DLT, Evangelical Church.

What you will know:

• The uniqueness of the Kazan Cathedral and why many people detested it at the time 

•  Aboute king's horses and garage for the Royal horses

• Why the Swedes do not pray with the Finns, but divide the Church with the British

• You can find St. Petersburg’s graffiti monument and the non-existent bridge

• The place where studied the children of  eminent nobles 

• Story of the main women's store of the city — DLT


Join a "Konyushennaya" guided tour, and you will learn many new facts about our wonderful city.

Our route: House of books, Kazan Cathedral, Malaya Konyushennaya, Gogol monument, an apartment house, the Lancer house Zoshchenko, Evangelical Church, a monument to the policeman, Swedish lane, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, St. Mary's Cathedral, DLT, Konyushennaya square, the carriage house Museum, Saved the chapel, Truemate.

 "Mamahod" offers:

• licensed guides in St. Petersburg

• radio equipment for the best experience

• photo session as a gift

Duration time — 70-90 minutes
Ticket cost — a ticket for one adult 1500 rub.

Children under 5 years -  free of charge. You need a stroller or a sling.

How to contact us:

Whatsapp, viber, telegram - +79110356503


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