"The Divine Rhythm of the East" - the way of the Peking Opera "

12 September, Tuesday, 19:00

The story of the formation of the Beijing Opera, fragments of the most famous works of the Beijing Opera will be reproduced, such as:

1. "Peony gazebo"

2. "Triple fork"

3. "Farewell, my concubine"

4. "Theft of the Imperial Horse"

5. "Legendary amazons from the Yang clan"

A comparative analysis is conducted between Chinese and Western opera arts in order to show the specifics of the Peking opera - the only surviving among our three most ancient opera systems in the world. At the same time, fragments from the most famous performances of the Peking Opera will be shown.

The purpose of the presentation is to popularize the culture of the Peking Opera in Russia.

Demonstration of the main role in the Beijing Opera, exercises for the training of the actors of the Beijing Opera, as well as some fragments of the most famous performances of the Beijing opera.

The whole demonstration will be conducted by professional actors and high-level artists from the Chinese National Academy of Beijing Opera.


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