17 November, Friday, 19:00

“Gorodskoy Teatr” will present a performance “JZL” which is based on memories and family stories of the performers

The creators of this performance say that it is dedicated to their families. Its first part, a play which is called “Lyoha”, Julia Pospelova (author) has dedicated to her grandfather. A story is about last love, it touches the soul deeply, it doesn’t let you go until the last second.

The second part of the performance is a documental puzzle from mothers’, fathers’, grandparents’ lives – relatives of the actors. These stories are absolutely true and gather everything funny and sad. These stories are about love, betraying, memories. And the main point is that we are the only people who can make lives of our relatives longer.

Duration time — 3 hours with two intermissions
Ticket cost — 500 roubles


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31 October 2021 at 12:00