“Eyes of the day/ Mata Hari”

17 November, Friday, 19:00

Performance of the director Petr Shereshevskiy based on Elena Gremina’s play

This performance is based on a story about one of the most famous and mysterious women of the last century – Mata Hari. Her icon was described a lot of times in literature and cinema – some things in her biography still leave unrevealed and attracts attention.

The main character of the play whose name is Claude is suggested to perform on stage as Mata Hari. Where does one person end and other person start? Where is the border between intellectual and emotional perception of the world? To who and when this world is ready to open its secrets? What position does love have in this world? The more serious the answers’ search is taken, the lower are the chances to succeed. Cynic things create cabaret performances and concerts. Under ironic theatre cover a mystery is hidden and the spectators are going to understand it with the performers. 

Duration time — 2 hours
Ticket cost —1000 roubles


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31 October 2021 at 12:00