18 November, Saturday, 21:00

Teatro Di Capua will show its performance in the basement of a church 

This performance is based on the letters of patriarch Nikon, archpriest Avvakum, boyar Morozova, Evdokia Urusova, Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, Semen Dejnyov, peasants and clerks.

“Word and action” is an expression which was used to officially complain on neighbors and relatives about criminal actions against tsar, starting from 1649 until Yekaterina the Great reigned.

This performance is not a “complaint” about that awful and scary period of complaints, not an excuse and not even a historical interpretation. Here we don’t have right or wrong, important and unimportant. Peasants, boyars, patriarchs have the equal voting right.

Duration time — 2 hours
Ticket cost — 700 roubles


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