Catch a wave with Ringed Seal

11 February, Sunday, 14:00

A new family program, “Catch a wave with Ringed Seal”,  invites local residents and guests of the city to plunge into the world of the Baltic Sea dwellers!

One of the most spectacular exhibitions in the Universe of Water Museum features a special “We Are On the Same Wavelength With Ringed Seal” program. 

The visitors will play a game to learn about the Baltic Sea and its inhabitants – ringed seals and grey seals, what they eat and what dangers lurk in wait for them.

A documentary will tell the audience about the center that deals with research and conservation of seals.

Moreover, children and their parents will be told a story of the famous ringed seal pup named Kroshik, participate in experiments on water and an exciting quiz, and keep souvenirs – pictures of seals coloured by themselves.

Duration time — February 10-12 2018, 13:00 and 14:00
Ticket cost — adult - 350 rubles, children from 5 years - 250 rubles, a pension is150 rubles

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