Exhibition "Still life in photography"

03 May, Thursday

Contemporary still life in photography demonstrates a variety of trends and approaches: from homages to classic pompous arrangements à la golden age of still life to the minimalistic elegance of constructivism

Each artist working in this genre tackles his or her own specific tasks. Some of them focus on formal qualities of an image bringing forward color, the play of volumes, harmonious composition, etc.; others use specific imagery to turn an object into a symbol, finding a deep meaning behind a down-to-earth subject. The photographic language of such still lifes is laconic and simple, compositions are stripped of extra details in order for the viewer to concentrate on the object, which in its turn transforms into a sign, a symbol.

Work with form, texture, and light, unusual angles, dramatic close-ups evoking viewer’s associations, and unexpected choice of objects — all of this contributes to the development of the traditional still life and gives it a new look.

The exhibition includes photographs by:

Danya Averyanova, Pavel Apletin, Ilya Atlas, Vladimir Bezgreshnov, Valery Belenkov, Yevgeny Borovik, Ivan Charin, Mikhail Gavryushov, Anastasiya Goncharova, Vadim Gushchin, Roman Dadiomov, Sergey Litvinov, Irina Lobanova, Aleksandr Lokot, Arkady Lvov, Vladimir Marin, Arnold Maryashin, Irina Minaeva, Vladimir Mikhaylutsa, Yuri Molodkovets, Igor Morozov, Natalya Natochina, Maksim Nesterov, Ruslan Nurgaliev, Anatoly Pavlov, Inga Pavlova, Ivan Pannevits, Ilya Petrichenko, Natalya Prozorova, Valery Samarin, Vladimir Seleznyov, Viktoria Sergiyenya, Yulia Sernova, Roman Shabalda, Marina Sharova, Kharis Shakhmametyev, Mikhail Shemyakin Georgy Telov, Yekaterina Timofeyeva, Andrey Vasilyev, Denis Voskresensky, Sergey Zizyulin.

Duration time — 1 March – 3 May 2018


1 March — 17 may 2018
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