"200 years of the start of building of St. Isaac's Cathedral" Exhibition

01 April, Sunday

On March 7 in the Marble Hall of the Russian Museum of Ethnography opens an exhibition called "200 years of the start of building of St. Isaac's Cathedral

The main exhibit will be a 2-meter stone figure of a dove that was taken off from beneath the dome of the Cathedral in Soviet period. After the dissolution of USSR, the bird returned to its place. However, while the restoration of the dome is underway, the Dove was decided to it was decided to display a dove to the general public.

First time demonstrated exhibits from the funds of the State Museum-Monument "St. Isaac's Cathedral" became  basis for this exhibition. In addition to a Dove, there will be demonstrated a mosaic and the sculptural decoration of the temple and unique materials for the restoration of paintings of the St. Isaac's Cathedral after the Great Patriotic War.

Nowadays any exhibition is not imaginable without visual installations. In the same way the Marble Hall will present wide multimedia content on modern touch-panels.

Duration time — 7 March – 1 April 2018
Entrance is free of charge

7 March – 1 April 2018
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