Confectionery «Troika»

24 March, Saturday, 19:30

Legendary confectionery «Troika» located on Zagorodnyi Prospekt in Saint Petersburg

Confectionery «Troika», founded in 1978, is one of the most famous brands of St. Petersburg. Legendary confectionery is well-known and loved not only in its native city, but also in other places of Russia.

«Troika» became one of the first confectionery enterprises in Russia, producing cakes and pastry with whipped cream. With these sweet masterpieces and small bakery products or, as it was customarily called earlier, «melkoshtuchki» («small pieces»), the history of our production began. The real bestseller is the cake «Muraveinik» («Anthill»), the recipe of which has remained unchanged to this day – a bisquit with honey, sour cream, whipped cream and confectionary poppy. The last ingredient and the shape of the cake served as an idea for a memorable name.

In addition to branded desserts you can order other unique confectionery with unusual design.

Bakery products are another pride of the confectionery. The puff-and-yeast dough is cooked according to old recipes, without the use of baking powder and food additives. Traditional Russian pies, patties and delicious bread attract with nice flavor and fascinate with its freshness and taste.


24 March, 2018, 9:00 – 21:00
  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Birzhevaya ploshchad
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