18 June, Monday

Book as a cultural phenomenon in sculpture

The exhibition project “Sculptor’s Book” is devoted to a medium of artistic expression widely spread and developed in the 20th and 21st centuries, artist’s book, and particularly those of sculptors.

The exhibition investigates the ways sculptors tackle book as a cultural phenomenon. Contemporary sculptors do this in a variety of ways: by producing unique or limited edition art objects within their publishing practice, by finding inspiration in literary works, including the Russian avant-garde, by creating ‘sculptural illustrations’ to the most famous books, and so on.

The image of a book is one of the most topical and productive subjects for artists to reflect on. A book as a plastic object expresses both imaginal and substantial diversity of the world, our private memory and common historical past. Artists and sculptors create their works in various media, including paper, wood, ceramics, porcelain, bronze, metal, and mixed media. The viewers will see not only traditional sculpture, but also installations and objects. The exhibition includes 60 works by 40 artists: V. Tsivin, M. Kopylkov, A. Krasulin, V. Remishevsky, V. Lukin, B. Vorobyov, A. Kaplan, V. Soskiev, V. Petrovichev, and others.

The exhibition will also feature two projects for a monument to Joseph Brodsky by V. Tsivin. Both of them are connected to the images of Brodsky’s poetry rather than his personality, which is quite unusual for monumental sculpture but nevertheless important for the cultural landscape of Saint Petersburg.


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