"Brass-Baroque" - Concert for the City Day

28 May, Monday

On May 28, under the majestic vaults of the Petrikirche hall,will take place one of the brightest concert of the season  - "Brass-Baroque", special for the City Day! This unique program (invented by the charming soprano and virtuoso player on a brass instruments) will attract not only connoisseurs of good music, but also fans of unusual musical experiments

Brass quintet ("brass" - copper)  is a musical ensemble of five performers on brass instruments. They are playing music of different eras and styles in the original arrangement.

Undoubtedly, this concert will be an excellent opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of St. Petersburg, where the best composers from all over Europe worked for the Russian empresses - Anna Ioannovna, Elizaveta Petrovna and Catherine II. Also in the concert you will hear creations of such geniuses composers as Handel, Mozart, Scarlatti.

In this performance of the quintet will also take a part the charming soprano with the the famous arias by Handel. This soprano is the soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater, the laureate of the International music competitions- Ekaterina Fenina (together with the soloist of the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra Alexei Ivanov).

Duration of the concert will be 1 hour and 15 minutes, the ticket price is 700 rubles.

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