Vivaldi. Francois Pineau-Benois

06 June, Wednesday, 20:00

The fabled Geneva violin will sound in the hands of a virtuoso violinist, heir to a great dynasty, within the walls of the Mansion of the legendary merchants Eliseevs!

International Foundation «St. Petersburg Palaces»

Artistic Director – Honoured Artist of Russia Maria Safariants


June 6 2018 , 20:00

Taleon Imperial Hotel (Eliseev Palace)

The fabled Geneva violin will sound in the hands of a virtuoso violinist, heir to a great dynasty, within the walls of the Mansion of the legendary merchants Eliseevs!

A brilliant evening will be held on June 6 at the Taleon Imperial Hotel (Mansion of the legendary merchants Eliseevs). Young gifted French violinist François Pineau-Benois will perform masterpieces by Mozart, Saint-Saёns and Vivaldi. The concert will be accompanied by the Taurida State Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Region led by a renowned French Maestro Nicolas Krauze.

Being a descendant of the great Benoises, the young violinist does not rest on his illustrious ancestors’ laurels, but makes his own strong contribution to the world of art of the XXI century. All the critics share one view: he plays brilliantly and with a superb technical skill. Francois has won numerous international awards, and not without reason. Francois’ gift was noticed even in his early years, as he was repeatedly invited to perform at Radio France Musique as both soloist and participant of a chamber ensemble at a very young age.

Despite his youth, Francois is considered to be an outstanding violinist. His talented hands have been entrusted with the fabled Geneva violin.

The worldwide renowned French conductor Nicolas Krauze will be anotherstarofthe concert! The maestro Krauze wins the hearts of spectators in the world’s best concert halls not only thanks to his deep insight into music, remarkable technical skills, but also with his vivid charismatic personality. The style of the conductor’s work is best characterized with his own words: ‘For example, there is a bit of choreography in my style. In this way, I can help the audience understand what the composer offers, through eyes as well as through ears.’

The French conductor is tightly connected with our country. Graduated from the Gnessins Music College and Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Nicolas Krauze is a founder, Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the Orchestre de Chambre Nouvelle Europe («New Europe»).

The luxurious interior of the palace of the famous Eliseev merchant dynasty, currently the Taleon Imperial Hotel, will form a worthy setting for the concert.

The Eliseev merchants and bankers had an impact on development of the arts as well, as they were patrons of the arts to boot. There is a well-preserved staircase in their house in the city’s centre, onto which all three generations of the Eliseevs used to step. Halls of the main enfilade, a former study of Eliseev, and a musical salon still exist here.

The Imperial hall, where the concert will take place, boasts quite a rich history.

Here the Nobility Assembly held lectures, readings of literary works and concerts in the middle of the XIX century. Many famous writers such as F. Dostoevsky, I. Turgenev, D. Pisarev, M. Saltykov-Shchedrin, as well as a great composer Franz Liszt, appeared at this mansion.

 An excursion before the concert will be held for the guests who purchased tickets for the «А» section.

Excursion starts at 19:00.

Concert starts at 20:00

June 6 2018
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