The Night of Music in Gatchina

08 July, Sunday

What unites a summer night, classical music and an old park? Of course, the festival "The Night of Music in Gatchina"!

Only for a few hours the water surface of the White Lake turns into a huge stage, framed by mysterious natural scenery, over which the majestic Gatchina Palace rises proudly.

"The Night of Music" invites famous conductors and soloists to perform the well-loved classics as well as remakes of pop and rock hits. All of this makes the summer night magical and the whole experience unforgettable!

"The Night of Music in Gatchina" is one of the most remarkable, unusual and memorable open-air concerts in Russia.

For just one night a year the palace park becomes a shelter of muses and fantasies thanks to the unique project, which does not have any comparable counterparts in St. Petersburg.

Ticket cost —250-1200 rubles


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