Vasily Klyukin. In Dante Veritas

25 September, Tuesday

Vasily Klyukin is a Russian-born designer, writer, sculptor, and businessman

Among the most impressive design projects by Klyukin are towers MonacoComet, Nika, Venus, WhiteSailsHospital, VirginRB, Tulippalace, JunglePark, and Roses. In autumn 2013, Italian press house Skira published a 300-page volume DesigningLegends including 50 concepts for future towers, office centers, museums, and an opera theater.

In 2016, Klyukin first presented a series of “live sculptures,” based on his engineering experience. The technique allows to assemble and disassemble the sculptures without a single bolt, screw, etc. It is this very principle that the series In Dante Veritas, on display in the courtyard of the St. Michael’s Castle, relies upon.

After the exhibition at the Russian Museum, the collection will travel to Florence where it will be on display at the Santa Croce Church.

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