IV St. Petersburg Festival "The World of Gingerbread"

02 December, Sunday

IV St. Petersburg festival "World of gingerbread" is a unique festival of gingerbread art, the only one in Russia. This is a magical, informative and fun event for the whole family, including: exhibitions, competitions, quest, master classes, cooking show and gingerbread fair, where will be presented gingerbreads from different cities of Russia.

The center of the festival will be a huge exhibition "Gingerbread Petersburg". This Petersburg hasn't been seen before: luxury gingerbread palaces, delicate bridges, magnificent gingerbread cathedrals and drawbridges!  More than 80 gingerbread masters and confectioners from all over Russia will take part in the construction of the Gingerbread city.

Collection "Gingerbread World" with samples from 40 cities of Russia and 12 countries is an amazing gingerbread journey through Russia and Europe!  The best gingerbread masters and confectioners will hold master classes on different types of dough, work with spices, baking cakes and their decoration

"World of gingerbread" represents well-known brands with a rich history and the work of modern artists. The festival tells in a fascinating form about history and traditions of gingerbread and present Russian gingerbread as a useful, delicious product, able to surprise everyone.


1-2 December 2018, 11:00-20:00
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