A Masterpiece by Karl Bryullov. New attribution

01 October, Monday

The history of determining the true name depicted in the picture

There is a painting by Karl Bryullov in the collection of the Russian Museum, which used to be considered a portrait of Ulyana M. Smirnova, dating back to the late 1830s. Distinguished by the great detail and soft lyric character, it is one of the best examples of “Great Karl’s” works in the genre of the private portrait.

Recently, the person in the portrait has been re-identified as Grand Duchess Alexandra Nikolaevna, youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas I. The one-picture exhibition in the Garden Vestibule allows one to examine carefully the beautiful painting, which is the only portrait Karl Bryullov had ever painted of the members of the imperial family.

Ticket cost — 450 rubles, 200 rubles (schoolchildren and students)

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