Festival of Light Art "Light nights" in Gatchina

11 August, Saturday, 21:00

St. Petersburg International Festival of Light Art "Light nights" in Gatchina will take place on the 10th and 11th of August 2018

The program of the festival "Light nights" in Gatchina Park features 36 author light art objects created by masters from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy and Finland. The festival is attended by designers, theater lightening and stage designers, architects.

The final program of the International competition of Light installations will gather 26 creative teams. All artists will create their projects in the Gatchina Park during the first decade of August. A prestigious jury will decide a winner of the competition.

The international program of the festival will present a St. Petersburg version of the project "Lantern Park" shown during the festival LUX HELSINKI. It is a result of many workshops where residents of St. Petersburg and Gatchina cities created almost 100 author's lamps.

The festival program includes an interactive project of the lighting designer Stas Svistunovich (the winner of the Prizes "Proryv" and "Golden Mask" of 2018). His project "The Other Voices" was designed in the framework of the co-educational program of the Institut Francais in Russia, the New Media Laboratory of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the School of the Stage Arts Studio "Show Consulting" and the Higher School of Light Design of the University IFMO.

Following the author's intent, guests of the festival embracing the trunks of oaks and larch trees in Gatchina Park may be able to better understand the souls of trees: not only to hear, but also to see their internal, the other voices.

Alena Kogan and Vadim Gololobov, the artists worked in the most delirious performances of the companies AHE, DEREVO, Teatro di Kapua, Slava Polunin's theatre projects, participants of international exhibitions and festivals will also present their creativity during the "Lightnights" in Gatchina. Together with Sergey Karlov, the engineer for geometrical optics and mirror paradoxes, they will transform the Admiralty space. Their co-project resulted in a light performative installation "Removing the cultural layer" which is a multi-hour action in the format of reverse engineering trying to find a genius loci (lat. protective spirit of a place) of the ancient park.

The facade of the Venus Pavilion will be a canvas used by Alla Maslovskaya and Marina Sosnina from the "The Animated Light Illustrations Theater" to present a multimedia musical and light show "The Mermaid". This show is based on the old illustrations of the Russian painter, Konstantin Isenberg.

The official partner of the festival, the company IntiLED provides to our festival not only the equipment, but also traditionally performs with creative projects.

The Jordanian facade of the Gatchina Palace will become a screen for the set of creative works selected for the final in the video-mapping competition. As an encore requested by the audience there will be presented also the interactive performance "Dialogues with the Emperor" directed by Mikhail Patlasov.

At midnight on 11th August guests will see the main event of the festival - a multimedia light and firework show "On the Horizon Line". The director is Anton Okoneshnikov, the creator of a number of innovative productions on the Aleksandrinsky Theatre stage. The 3D-mapping is prepared by the studio Solaris FX, the light plot is made by the light artists of the Smart Light group. The show is full of metamorphosis and unexpected turns. All parts of it: water and fire, live vocals and high-altitude fireworks, surrealistic canvases and historical context are woven into a paradoxical story.

Ticket cost — 700-900 rubles

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