Peter Benze

20 October, Saturday, 20:00

For the first time in St. Petersburg!

On October 20 in the St. Petersburg Planetarium the world famous pianist virtuoso, the sound designer, the singer and the composer Peter Bence will act. Since 2012 Peter possesses Giness's record as to the fastest pianist in the world which is capable to reproduce 765 notes a minute. 

From 2 years he played aurally melodies from favourite animated films and movies, in 4 years was admitted to music school. Peter Benz was recognized as musical opening and at elementary school admitted to the University of Music of Franz Liszt in Debrecen. In 7 years under the influence of Mozart and Chopin's music Peter Benze has written the first musical composition, and at eleven-year age has published the first solo piano album. Being a teenager, he was fond of music from movies, especially impressed the young virtuoso John Williams's creativity. In Berklee College of Music (USA) Peter was the best in many directions – from music for movies before electronic production and design. In the same time the brilliant pianist becomes the real musical sensation, having collected 10 million viewings of execution of a hit "Bad" in Youtube. 

Today the total number of viewings of his videos contains more than 500 million. The musician performed with Justin Timberlake, for last several years Peter Benze has acted for tens of thousands of the viewers in 40 countries, opened Promenades of BBC in the Hyde park of London for 50 000 people, participated in Ellen DeGeneres Shaw, his performances broadcast BBC, Buzzfeed, 9GAG, Classic FM, iHeart of Radio and Billboard. Now Peter Benze finishes work on an album in which the best his works and solo piano performances are collected. The start of sales of an album will be in 2018. 

Peter Benze is a tremendous musician, the charismatic pianist-inventor whose execution blows up halls the irrepressible energy. His masterful execution of hits doesn't leave indifferent even the most exacting public. Peter Benze's concerts - the real holiday for those who want to hear the most known world hits in exclusive, bright and absolutely inimitable execution.

Duration time — 1 hour 30 minutes
Ticket cost —3,500 rubles

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