Expressionism in Russian Art

19 November, Monday

Expressionism as a stylistic phenomenon, reflected in painting and graphics of different epochs

“Expressionism in Russian Art” continues an ongoing exhibition project on the major styles and movements in Russian art of the 20th century (exhibitions “Russian Symbolism,” “Impressionism in Russia,” “Russian Neoclassicism”). Over the first three decades of the 20th century, Expressionism not only embraced all kinds of visual art in Europe and North America, but also influenced literature, music, theater, and cinema, as well as people’s view of life. In each country, an original national version of the international movement was formed.

Expressionist painting and graphic art are often on display in Russian avant-garde exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, along with Cubist, Futurist, and Abstractionist works. However, this is the first time that Russian Expressionism is in the spotlight of a monographic exhibition. The show reveals national traits of the movement, trends of its development at different stages, and particular stylistic features in the works by its most prominent masters. The exhibition is based on the Russian Museum’s rich collections of painting, graphic art, print, and sculpture.

The exhibition consists of around 350 works created between the 1900s and the mid-1930s. They reflect the spiritual search of Russian people over a few turning points in national history. Along with works by N. Goncharova, M. Larionov, W. Kandinsky, M. Chagall, and P. Filonov, that are known worldwide as masterpieces of Expressionist art, lesser-known artworks are shown, such as those by members of groups “Union of Youth,” “Donkey’s Tail,” “Jack of Diamonds,”, “Society of Easel Artists” (OST), “Circle,” and others: B. Grigoriev, M. Le Dantu, O. Rozanova, I. Shkolnik, V. Chekrygin, V. Kozlinsky, I. Lizak, V. Ermolayeva, Yu. Shchukin, Yu. Pimenov, V. Shukhayev, etc.

For the first time ever, Russian Expressionist prints — easel graphic works, illustrated books, and posters — will be presented to the public.

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