Immersive Show «Faceless»

30 December, Sunday, 18:30

October 5, the premiere of the new season of the Immersive Show «Faceless» will be held in St. Petersburg.

“Faceless” is an immersive performance in which we create a completely authentic space, combine elements of classical theater and choreography, use audiovisual effects and thrash out the interactive component ... As a result, the viewer founds himself in a different dimension, where there are no usual rules, prohibitions and borders. This is an opportunity to get a completely new and very personal experience. It is simply impossible to experience the same thing, while remaining an observer in the chair. “This is a dramatized virtual reality”, tells the American film director Mia Zanetti. For five months of rehearsals, which were conducted in the strictest secrecy, the actors mastered unique methods of interaction with the audience, and dozens of secret passages and doors were built in the mansion.

The whole show duration is up to 3 hours.

By having the tickets you confirm that you are familiarized with the shows rules and are over 18 years of age.

Show entrance is separated into 6 streams 15 minute interval each. This will allow you to fully immerge into the shows atmosphere.

Ticket cost — 3000-15000 rubles


The photo was provided by the organizers of the event.

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