Nu, Pogody!

06 January, Sunday, 11:00

The most visited new year's show in Russia "Nu, Pogody! Catch the star" will be held in St. Petersburg from December 30 to January 6 in the multifunctional complex "M-1 Arena".

PMI Corporation gives a new life to the animated series "Nu, Pogody! Catch the star" in St. Petersburg. In 2017, the show " well, wait! Catch a star " gathered a record number of spectators – 240 000 people and became the most visited children's new year's holiday in Moscow. In 2018, PMI Corporation will show in St. Petersburg. For the first time a multifunctional complex "m-1 arena"will be used for entertainment. A feature of the site is the excellent acoustics of the auditorium and a good overview - not a single event on the stage escapes young viewers and their parents.

The protagonists of the Christmas quest megashou "Nu, Pogody! Catch the star" will be the popular cartoon characters and guests of the event. Spectators will enjoy an exciting show with puzzles and riddles, as well as a large-scale theatrical performance. All guests will be actively involved in what is happening, and everyone can feel like a hero of your favorite animated series and influence the development of the plot!

In the story, the snow maiden and her friends go to the  Factory of  cartoons to get the best gift for Santa Claus-a new series Of " well, wait!". Curiosity leads to an unexpected turn: cartoon characters come off the screen and are transferred to the real world. To bring them back, the audience will have to go through an exciting quest.

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