Exhibition “Once on the Petrograd Side”

09 November, Friday, 12:00

From October 10 to November 9, 2018, the Attic Artists Gallery invites you to attend a joint exhibition of artists Maria and Philip Kazak.

On October 10, a joint exhibition of Maria and Philip Kazak opens in the Attic of Artists. Lush flowers, colorful creatures and Petrogradka in the most incredible interpretation - just a month on the walls of the Attic will unfold the wonderful world of familiar things.

Maria and Phillip already have more than one hundred joint exhibitions, including international ones. According to Philip, the opportunity to show their work, to find the viewer - this is exactly what inspires the artist for everyday work, without which creativity is impossible. For Mary, the most important thing is vibrant color and sincerity, the ability to convey the joy of life with strokes of paint. By the way, this is the name of one of her paintings. Maria believes that every artist is a little poet, and comes up with names for paintings with great attention.

 Dynamic, colorful and a little fantastic pictures of Mary and Philip portray not a fabulous, but close to us everyday reality. Passers-by, flowers from the flowerbeds, Petrograd courtyards - everything was noticed while walking around familiar places. In the end, this exhibition - about simple things, seen through the eyes of the artist.

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