Exhibition season "Whole Truth About Us"

11 November, Sunday, 16:00

From October 13 to November 11, the exhibition season "Whole Truth About Us" will be held in the art-centre Pushkinskaya-10.

Museum of nonconformist art. Main hall
Oleg Liagatchev-Helgi. Meta-Art - 50
In the framework of the Festival «20 years anniversary of the Museum of nonconformist art»

«"Meta-Art" – is a generalized title for all I do, it unites "semiotic art" (that I started in 1968), "abstract classicism", my works on "chaos theory" and the text-filled rhomboids – meta-elements always play the key role in my art.

I do meta-paintings, – it is the most difficult way, but meta-elements are more important than signs. Their multitude creates the world we all exist in. Also the inner bound between the elements that builds the structure is of utter importance, as it is the structure that gets implemented into something – into form, into energy, into life», – says Oleg Liagatchev-Helgi.


Museum of nonconformist art. Main hall
20 years MoNA: Chronicles
Supported by the St. Petersburg Committee of Culture in the framework of the festival “The Museum of nonconformist art: 20 years”

October 13th 2018 – February 17th 2019

In 2018 the Museum of nonconformist art is celebrating its 20th birthday. The exhibition in the small hall is part of the anniversary program and tells about the unique history of the collection, exhibitions and bright moments from the museum’s life. The chronicle of two decades is presented as a multimedia timeline that fuses art works from the collection, information about the museum’s projects and related events from the art world, interviews with the founders and team members and materials from the archive, many of which are exhibited for the first time.


The «Door»: gallery-object of Evgeniya Konovalova
Andrei Sikorsky. Dostoevsky plus Platonov

The object presented at the exhibition is a simulacrum that exists in the space of fantasy, where Dostoevsky and Platonov wrote the novel “Crime in the pit”. The plot of this work is twisted around the cuttings of a crafty old-school gadget, the ideal tool of crime without punishment. The hero of the novel serially bales the prosperous old women and immediately buries them at the bottom of a deep career. Exactly in this way, as Jean Baudrillard explained, the simulacrum regulates social reality.


Art-Ligue Gallery
Cosmic doctrine
Nikolay Sychev’s personal exhibition

At the exhibition, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of his birth, Nikolay Sychev, as a true follower of Russian cosmism philosophy in the visual arts, is trying to discover the goals of building the Universe that are hidden from us.

The universe is finite and infinite. Thesis or antithesis?

In developing his plastic improvisations, he has been choosing the path of “Infinity” for the past 50 years. It is inherent in all his works, without exception.

The plasticity of his works is such that it is possible to travel through them without facing the problems of recognition and titling, he skillfully translates reality into abstract elements, and creates really recognizable objects and forms with geometry.

To cut it short, Nikolay Sychev synthesizes.

Synthesis or improvisation? And here he doesn’t make a choice - both synthesis and improvisation. Everything is as confusing as possible into a clot of an intuitive system.

On one hand there is the system of filling the space, on the other - intuition, which makes it possible to combine different forms and knowledge obtained at the stage of its creative development.

Synthesis connects everything is intuitively inherent and the experience of a multi-year system, building the hierarchy of cosmic knowledge by using an individual and diverse creative method.


Navicula Artis
REPA group. MassMediaCULT

“MassMediaCULT” is a series of objects by the REPA group, where classic pictures placed in TVs get into dialogue with popular TV shows. The mediators of this dialogue are children's toys traversing and carnivalizing both semantic layers and equalizing them in their rights. Both the "canned" classical art and the "voice from the TV" have a hypnotizing effect on modern society, they are perceived by wide audience as a model, as the ultimate truth. The use of toys allows you to comprehend critically this situation and notice some problematic processes occurring in our society.


Pons per Styx Gallery

“Pons per Styx” is one author gallery founded by Vadim Voinov and featuring his pieces created in Functiocollage style. Functiocollage differs from standard collage by combining not the appearance, but the meaning of objects. Thus to understand each piece one needs to recognize the objects and the relationship between them. In general the exhibition metaphorically tells the Modern History of Russia.


Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts
Timur Novikov (1958 - 2002) «In Search of Lost Time»

In the Museum of the New Academy of Fine Art is Timur Novikov’s child which was created like a sanctuary of praise the Apollo in the abandoned cultural space of Saint Petersburg a quarter of the century ago.


Colonel's workshop
Colonel. The beginning of the way

This year the Colonel would have turned 71 years old. Two years unlived. Today here in the space of his workshop, he is present in his early works. The 80s is the time of comprehending the world of painting and learning. The period of changing ideas on life, on oneself. Discovering works of the great artists as Filonov and Picasso. Their influence is evident in the early period. Very little has been preserved. Leaving for a new state, opening up new opportunities, the Colonel mercilessly destroyed the old, which seemed outdated and uninteresting. Something has stuck with friends, in the family. There are some of his works in the museum of Narva (Estonia). Let me introduce Nikiforov, the Colonel in the beginning of his way.




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