The foundation of the Chesmenskaya church

17 June, Wednesday

On 17 June, 1777 the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Chesmenskaya) was founded

Later at the request of Catherine II a marble plaque was placed at the entrance reading: «This temple was built in the name of the Holy Prophet Forerunner and Baptist John in memory of the victory over the Turkish fleet, won by Chesme in 1770 on the day of Christmas. Founded in the 15th summer reign of Catherine II in the presence of King Gustav III of Sweden under the name of Count Gotland and consecrated on June 24 during 1780 days in the presence of His Majesty the Roman Emperor Joseph II under the name of Count Falkenstein».

17 June, 1777
  • Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Lensoveta, 12
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