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Museum of nonconformist art. Main hall
Vladimir Viderman. Abstract symbolism

Opening: November 17th at 5 PM
Curated by Sergei Kowalski

The exhibition presents art by Vladimir Viderman, who is a consistent adept of geometrical tradition in painting. He appeals to abstract symbols in his works. These symbols and signs generalized up to formulas, enforced by colour and tone contrasts are to impact on associative perception of the spectators. The surface is structurally divided into nano-elements that compose a single space fixed by geometry forms combination. Such composition design is unique.

Yulia Gorskaya, art historian, State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg

Museum of nonconformist art. Small hall
20 years MoNA: Chronicles

October 13th 2018 – February 17th 2019
Opening: on the 13th of October at 5 PM
Curated by Anastasia Patsey
Coordinators — Elizaveta Ordinartceva, Olga Lyubartivich

In 2018 the Museum of nonconformist art is celebrating its 20th birthday. The exhibition in the Small hall is part of the anniversary program and tells about the collection, exhibitions and bright moments from the museum’s life. The chronicle of two decades is presented as a multimedia timeline that fuses art works from the collection, project materials and interviews with the founders and team members, as well as documents from the archive, many of which are exhibited for the first time.

The «Door»: gallery-object of Evgeniya Konovalova
Exhibition „Goliath” by Huupi

Opening: on the 17th of November at 5.30 PM

The biblical legend David and/versus Goliath in recent culture refers to the underdog situation. A setup where smaller or weaker opponent takes on a much bigger or stronger adversary.
For a month gallery Door becomes a one piece Goliaths museum, where Estonian artist Huupi presents Goliaths artifact – his never before seen undergarment. An ancient body armour under-shirt. It has weathered a bit in thousands of years, but still brings forward the greatness of the warrior Goliath.
Huupi (1982) studied painting in Tartu Art College and did MA in Tartu University. Huupi has gained MITMIK special prize and VABBE prize for best exhibition in Tartu 2016.

Art-Ligue Gallery
Tatiana Baranova. Informal impressions

graphics / painting / sculpture
Opening: on the 17th of November at 6 PM
Curated by Julia Rybakova

The exhibition celebrates Tatiana Baranova' jubilee, it is retrospective qnd the works are not united by a single topic. They represent the living fabric of memories, impressions and images recorded by the hand of a professional artist. Tatiana's graphic and pictorial works demonstrate a wide range of stylistic and artistic decisions, but all of them are united by the recognizable style of the author.

These works are devoid of any pathos, and reflect reality in detail: whether it is a random ray of light, or fog rising over the roofs of the city. Our life consists precisely of these details that the artist bases her work on.

Sometimes the work is literally created by one or several lines, but this is done so accurately that there is no doubt about the author’s intention.

Tatiana Baranova sees the essence of things, its fundamental features. Perhaps that is why she is good at portraits. Many people know her ironic caricatures, but her sculpture works are a discovery for everyone. Her sculptures not only convey portrait likeness and carefully study the details, but also feature informal techniques that are unusual for academic school. This makes the portraits look alive.

Navicula Artis
Nikita Seleznev. My green crocodile

Opening: on the 17th of November at 5 PM

Nikita Seleznev's art project “My Green Crocodile” is a poetic reflection on the alienation of a person in the space of the modern megapolis. The author tells the story of a fragile, vulnerable being who finds himself in a strange and unwelcoming world. The fragility of the lyrical hero becomes the main subject of artistic research in this project.

The Museum «Russian Rock Realities»

Leningrad-Petersburg is the recognized capital of our rock music. Here in the late 60s of the previous century a lot of talented people took up electric guitars. And in the early 80s talents from all over the country went in the famous Leningrad rock club created here. Now the first Rock Museum in Russia is open in St. Petersburg.

Pons per Styx Gallery
Curated by Evgeny Orlov

“Pons per Styx” is one author gallery founded by Vadim Voinov and featuring his pieces created in Functiocollage style. Functiocollage differs from standard collage by combining not the appearance, but the meaning of objects. Thus to understand each piece one needs to recognize the objects and the relationship between them. In general the exhibition metaphorically tells the Modern History of Russia.

Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts
Timur Novikov. In Search of Lost Time. Part 2

Opening: on the 17th of November at 5 PM

“Perhaps, many of you still remember a radio show of the same name, in which various characters from fiction of all the time were performing, meeting as if in an unreal country. This exhibition is dedicated to this country, its inhabitants”, – Timur Novikov 1994.

Colonel's workshop
Sergey Larionov. Chiaroscuro

Opening: on the 17th of November at 6 PM

Spontaneous space "Angle"
Vera Solomonova. SPARKS

Opening: on the 17th of November at 4.45 PM
Curated by Kseniia Shapovalova

«Hi! My name is Vera. I was born and lived my whole life in Saint Petersburg. All of us sometimes feel the world in a very piercing manner. We are deeply overwhelmed by pain or happiness, sadness or, conversely, balance and depth. It’s those moments that stay in our memory. We will never reminisce over mundane but will readily look through the album of our “sparks”. They are all different, every one of us have their own. My sparks often turn into paintings. The unconscious forces itself onto canvas and only later do I understand what it was about.»

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