Peterhof ( Grand Palace + Lower Park)

30 November, Friday, 11:30

We invite you to go on an excursion to the magnificent Peterhof.

During the trip, the guide will introduce you to the rich history of the formation of the Palace and Park ensemble along the Peterhof highway.

Next, you will visit the most luxurious Royal residence of Russia-the Grand Imperial Palace. Built at the beginning of the XVIII century by order of Peter I on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, it became a symbol of the triumphal exit of the Russian power to the Baltic sea.

A visit to the palace includes an inspection of the halls and the interiors represented in them. You yourself will appreciate their luxurious furnishings - the result of the painstaking work of the restorers, since during the fire of 1941 the interior decoration was significantly damaged. Marble and gilding, painted ceilings, parquet flooring and furniture are made in accordance with the preserved patterns.

Peterhof leaves no one indifferent. This palace is a masterpiece. No wonder he is called the Russian Versailles for his grandeur, grace and luxury.

Duration: 6 - 6,5 hours
Ticket cost: от 700 рублей


Departure and Arrival: Moskovsky railway station, Nevsky Prospect, 85.

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