“Color Geometry” Exhibition

15 December, Saturday

From November 16 to December 15, 2018 in the gallery "Attic of the Artists" will be an exhibition of Sergey Zakharenko "Color Geometry".

On October 16, Sergey Zakharenko’s exhibition “Color Geometry” opens in the Attic of Artists. Zakharenko has been engaged in interior design for more than 20 years and since 1998 has been a member of the Union of Artists in the graphics section, but for the Attic exhibition the artist has prepared bright pictorial abstractions that he has been passionate about lately. Sergey himself speaks of this hobby as a kind of intellectual game. The creation of ornaments, the arrangement of geometric shapes, the search for color relationships - all this occupies the mind of the artist developing his own artistic language.

Zakharenko designates his genre as “decorative cubism” and believes that creating abstractions can be more difficult than writing from nature. With the seeming freedom of artistic expression, behind a good abstraction is a thoughtful method that allows you to create a composition from scratch, while nature still gives the artist hints and a starting point. For Zakharenko, who considers himself not to be irrational "inventors", but to successive "thinkers," experiments with geometric forms seem very curious.

At the same time, one cannot say that Sergey Zakharenko is a cold and rational artist. When asked why he is engaged in painting, he answers his question: “Why do people breathe?”. He can not work on the next picture, it is a natural part of his life. Sergey does not tolerate the routine and is engaged only in what really pleases him, therefore it is especially pleasant to view his paintings - they are written by a really keen person.

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