Yury Sapozhnikov's exhibition "The Seasons"

09 April, Tuesday

From March 10 to April 9, 2019 in the gallery "Attic Artists" will be an exhibition of Yuri Sapozhnikov "Seasons".

From March 10 to April 9, the Seasons exhibition by Yuri Sapozhnikov is held in the Attic of Artists. Just six months ago, Yuri moved to St. Petersburg from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and will present landscapes at the exhibition, which he wrote both in Siberia and in the parks of the Leningrad Region.

Most of Sapozhnikov’s landscapes are painted in the open air; in any weather, he keeps a sketchbook, paints and a bicycle on hand. Even winter frosts do not frighten the artist, as he himself says, “I take a pot of coffee and go ahead!”. That's because the most interesting thing for Yuri is not so much beautiful views, glades and mossy park stones, but the state of nature. Mood, changeable color and light reflected from the snow caps on the trees. Not surprisingly, Monet and Cezanne call their teachers Sapozhnikov.

In Siberia, Yuri was more attracted to untouched nature, and settling in Pushkin, he became interested in suburban parks. Alexandrovsky Park, Catherine's, but the most beloved is Pavlovsky, combining natural naturalness and the imprint of time, the application of a human hand. Stone bridges, pavilions, galleries and, as it were, random park views - on the etudes of Yuri Sapozhnikov one can find everything that he calls part of a special Petersburg atmosphere.

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