May-June Exhibitions. Pushkinskaya-10

23 May, Thursday

Museum of nonconformist art. Main hall


Sergei Kovalsky, Valeri Mishin, Anatoli Polushkin

Painting, photo collage


April 27th – June 23d

Opening on the 27th of April at 5 pm


The case of interaction between painting and music has always been and always will be engaging and the MoNA appeals to it regularly. This spring we are pleased to invite you to a visual jazz concert!

Jazz is a state of soul. It is definitely true for the paintings and photo collages by three St. Petersburg artists: Anatoli Polushkin, Valeri Mishin and Sergei Kovalsy.

Their life paths are very unlike, their attitudes to life, art and creation differ a lot. There is one thing that unites them: the pause between musical phrases in their beloved jazz themes. This pause brings the thought that the Universe was created by Sound.

Please, listen, watch and feel JAZZ nonstop!


Museum of nonconformist art. Small hall

20 years MoNA: Chronicles


Curated by Anastasia Patsey

Coordinators — Elizaveta Ordinartceva, Olga Lyubartovich

In 2018 the Museum of nonconformist art is celebrated its 20th birthdayThe exhibition in the Small Hall is part of the anniversary program and covers the founding of thecollection, exhibitions and highlights from the museum’s life. The chronicle of two decades is presented as a multimedia timeline that fuses art works from the collection, project materials and interviews with the founders and team members, as well as documents from the archive, many of which are exhibited for the first time.



Nikita Pozdnyakov. POST-GRANDEUR (18+ only)

April 27th – June 23rd

Opening on the 27th of April at 6 pm

Curated by Julia Rybakova

The exhibition transfers residents and guests of the northern capital to the post-apocalyptic world, in which Russian citizen gets every time, turning the TV off.

Nikita Pozdnyakov's works is a concentrated, saturated reality. Despite obvious signs in the paintings, as filthy Khrushchev buildings on the outskirts of the town, Nikita pictured Russian timelessness. The world, where every season is a close season, black cars, if they are not already at your entrance, are going on the ring road. Where the saint's faces are hidden, but perhaps Jesus is walking down your street.

Nikita Pozdnyakov defines his art as ar-brother, but mixing it with the different modernist movements, the artist reaches that level of the reliability and integrity, which focuses your attention and doesn't let go, leaving great emotional strain.



National Museum of Rock Music

Russian Rock Realities


The exhibition «Russian Rock Realities» was hold for the first time by Vladimir Rekshan in NaviculaArtis gallery six years ago. Now it is the first completed national museum of rock music, the only one in Russia. On this anniversary exhibition you can find out how the museum was founded and developed and meet its creator.


Pons per Styx Gallery

Curated by EvgenyOrlov

“Pons per Styx” is a one-author gallery founded by Vadim Voinov and featuring his pieces created in Functiocollage style. Functiocollage differs from standard collage by combining notthe appearance, but the meaning of objects, and so to understand each piece one needs to recognize the objects and the relationship between them. The exhibition overall metaphorically tells the Modern History of Russia.


Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts

Looking for the perfect vision

May 4th - June 30th

Opening on the 4th of May at 5 pm

The exhibition of the professors of the New Academy from the collection of Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts.


The «Door» Gallery of Evgeniya Konovalova

Veronica Shimanovskaya. Prolong the moment

April 13th - May 12th

Opening on the 13th of April at 5 pm


'Verweile doch du bist so schön' 
Goethe, Faust, Part 1

In a desperate attempt to prolong our life we hold on to its bits and pieces. We call them memories, and they become us. We dwell on them, relive them over and over, and, more often than not, they replace our reality with nostalgia, with the past, that keeps the fabric of our daily life seemingly alive. But are we really? Are we noticing how the world changes, how things that were fair yesterday feel odd today, and vice versa?

Veronica Shimanovskaya video pieces that you are about to see are an attempt to unclog the heart and mind from preconceptions, predisposition, and premonition, but focus on the things we see, and tune into their essence, without judging, intellectualizing or expecting. Not to stop the moment, as Faust has never longed for, but to let it linger a bit longer to help to switch life from reflecting to living.


Oleg Panov, TanyGlinski.ReakTivaZiЯ ver.2.0 + Yellow Gas vessel

May 18th - June 16th

Opening on the 18th of May at 5 pm

Installation. Futurism. Techno - ART.

Additional reality.



Vera Svetlova. Utensil.


April 27th - June 23rd

Opening on the 27th of April at 5.30 pm

UTENSIL.  this story is rather not about the thing as it is, but attention to the ancient genre of speculation. Everything created by man acts as a national cosmology. The inspiration for the exhibition was largely drawn from G. Gachev’s book, National Images of the World. Eurasia - Komos nomad, farmer and mountaineer. things broadcast, images think. (Conversations on the philosophy of life of different nations,or lessons reading objectivity)






Sasha Zubritskaya. Master Key

April 27th - May 19th

Opening on the 27th of April at 5 pm

In objects, print graphics, photos made by Sasha Zubritskaya appear indistinctly multiple characters: slinky and strawberry, fontanel and flame, spidey and knot. Who are they? Evidences of the daily chasing after the case, pieces of the puzzle, main characters of the okay, impermeable macguffins, which everybody wants to get. At the exhibition and in the artist's practice their roles are changing and every viewer is his own Master Key. This time swing is in the spotlight, it will flip or twirl, cold - hot.


“It is good that I am in this way and not in any other”

May 25th - June 2nd

Opening on the 25th of May at 5 pm

Black and white and colorful linocuts, unique stamps of monotype, author's objects Livre d’artiste - it is an exhibition of art-students from the School of Design NRU HSE in Saint-Petersburg, who are changing the world with the help of the hand-made print technologies.


Arthur Molev. The ship is sailing
Anniversary flight

June 8th - June 30th

Opening on the 8th of June at 5 pm

Ships are eternal pilgrims. The sound of the gramophone is thick and yellow. The open sailing of the art on the waves of our memory.


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