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Museum of nonconformist art. Main hall
VladlenGavrilchik. Ars Longa Vita Brevis*

December 14th 2019 – January 26th 2020
Opening on the 14th of December at 5 pm

VladlenGavrilchik (1929 - 2017) is a legendary Leningrad nonconformist artist and poet. He was born in Soviet Central Asia and got interested in art as a child, but was unable to study it professionally. Only after moving to Leningrad in 1955 he found his own way to painting. Since the late 1960s, he participated in all meaningful exhibitions of unofficial art. Gavrilchik’s art is ironic and lyrical at the same time and is often defined as 'city folklore'.

The paintings presented in the Main hall of MoNAare brought together from different private collections providing a rare opportunity to see a full retrospective of Gavrilchik’s art.

*Art is long, life is short


Museum of nonconformist art. Small hall
Focal Length
Analogue photography from the collection of the Museum of nonconformist art.
Curated by Lora Kucher and Anastasia Patsey

September 7th – December 10th 2019

The exhibition “Focal Distance” presents analogue photography from the collection of the Museum of nonconformist art. Its core is the collection of the “Photoimage” gallery, that was donated to the Museum in 1998. The show features works by famous masters of the Leningrad and St. Petersburg photography: Boris Smelov, Valentin Samarin (Til-Maria), Igor Lebedev, AleksandrKitaev, Natalia Tsenhomskaya, Vladimir Bryliakov, Andrey Chegin, Alesksandr Retz, Vita Buyvid, Andrey Usov, Sergey Sonin, Dmitry Vilensky, AleksandrSokolov, Maria Snegirevskaya, LiudmilaFedorenko, Evgeniy Mokhorev, Sergey Falin, as well as works by film-maker Evgeniy Yufit, and the Ekaterinburg-based photographer Evgeniy Malakhin (B.U. Kashkin).

The art works cover the timeframe from 1970s to 2000s and demonstrate a variety of styles, experiments, and artistic techniques of silver gelatine printing.


Gennady Manzhaev. Times and years


14th December 2019 – 26th January 2020
Opening 14th December at 18:00

This year is the 30th anniversary of Gennady Manzhaev`s work in the art-center «Pushkinskya-10». In the exhibition dedicated to this date paintings, sculptures and graphic artworks will be presented. The painter divides its art path into 6 episodes – 5 year-plans. Unmistakably recognized author`s trail, his unique bright world view are preserved in a variety of art techniques. It is a view which transforms trivial stories into a fairy tale.


Ponsper Styx Gallery
Curated by Evgeny Orlov


“Pons per Styx” is one author gallery founded by Vadim Voinov and featuring his pieces created in Functiocollage style. Functiocollage differs from standard collage by combining not the appearance, but the meaning of objects. Thus to understand each piece one needs to recognize the objects and the relationship between them. In general the exhibition metaphorically tells the Modern History of Russia.


Museum of the New Academy of Fine Arts
"The mountain world”

14th December 2019 – 26th January 2020

Opening 14th December at 17:30

Timur Novikov

Pierre and Gilles

Roz Farrell and George Parkin

Photography, decorative panels


The «Door» Gallery of Evgeniya Konovalova
Igor Bryakilev. Jetable

14th December 2019 – 5th January 2020

Opening 14th December at 17:00

Double-sided collage of the things that are a pity to throw away.

Alexander Podobed. PELVIS

11th January – 12th February

Opening 11th January at 17:00

Project PELVIS is a unique research essay about a particular documentary artifact as an evidence of the catastrophe which became a turning point in the fate of the author. Some problems are concerned here: the problem of the discrepancy between the outside world and the inner observer, the problem of the impossibility of the attempt to enter the spiritual world of a person with the help of the quasi-mental means and the methods of the psycho-statistical analysis.


National Museum of Rock Music

14th December 2019 – 26th January 2020

Opening 14th December at 17:30

The exhibition of posters will be held in the First National Museum of Rock Music. It is possible to learn the history of our state owing to them. Thesis topic is proposed: "The genesis of the soviet rock posters from 1985 to 1991".

Сolonel's workshop
II Exhibition marathon of graphics Ar Brut

"I am - WE."

December 14th 2019 – January 26th 2020

Opening on the 14th of December at 5.30 pm

The series of exhibitions of  artists-residents from “Studio 6“ ( MRO GPB No 6  St. Nicholas the Wonderworker)

 14/12/2019 - 26/12/2019 "PERFECT MECHANICUS" - Nikolai Fedotov, Sergey Ivanov.

 28/12/2019 -16.01.2020 "DAY SCHEDULE" - patients of the hospital wards, Vladimir Sharov, Victor Nesterov, patient of the Psychiatric Hospital of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

 18/01/2020 - 26/01/2020 "FROM MIND" Anna Liske, George Ve. 

Curators of the marathon: Vera Svetlova, Alexander Nedera


Navicula Artis
Ivan Khimin. Textinprogress


December 14th 2019 – January 5th 2020

Opening on the 14th of December at 5 pm

Spontaneous space "Angle"

Liza and Ksana. Alternative fountain.

December 14th 2019 – January 26th 2020

Fountain has deep and complex meaning for the history of arts. In this installation, prepared for the New Year exhibition season, all water sides of the fountain concept are neglected, we only address fountain as a fortune maker: you know, those fountains everywhere ‘exchanging’ coins for luck. Now we have one at Pushkinskaya-10. Our fountain is waterless and vertical, and actually works both ways: you are welcome to leave a coin and make a wish, or to take a coin to keep it as a souvenir or a lucky charm.



  • Address: Saint Petersburg, Pushkinskaya ul., 10
  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 764-53-71
  • Site: http://www.p-10.ru/
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