Alexander Myasoyedov. Carnival in Rome

10 March, Tuesday, 11:00

Mikhailovsky Palace

12 december 2019 – 10 march 2020

The exhibition allows to observe the creation history of this work and to identify the depicted persons, and also to plunge into the festive atmosphere of "The Eternal City" of the time the painting were created.

"Carnival in Rome During the Visit of the Grand Duke and His Retinue" (1839) – is the historical title of the exhibited work. It is a unique historical and iconographic document. The author was an amateur artist, retired military Alexander Petrovich Myasoyedov. Sometime ago, on the back of the canvas one could read the list of the depicted persons, but with time the ink faded. However, the list was preserved in the archives, so it was possible to establish the names of the Russian participants of the carnival depicted by A.P. Myasoyedov.

The painting, created with amazing skills in portraying and representing the smallest details of the event, has impressed contemporaries of the artist with its originality and rightly became a unique historical and artistic heritage of the first half of the XIX century.

12 december 2019 – 10 march 2020
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