The exhibition «The Bible in the schedule of Jan Loykena». By the 370th anniversary of the artist»

26 January, Sunday, 11:00

The exhibition presents the work of Dutch graphic artist, poet, religious thinker Jan Loykena dedicated to biblical subjects. Ian Loykin born April 16, 1649 in Amsterdam in the teacher's family; fond of historical painting, engraving was the school of art.

In times Loykena Republic of the Netherlands was recognized by the most prosperous, free and tolerant country in Europe. At the end of the long religious wars at the end of XVII - beginning of XVIII century. came the "golden age" of the fine arts, scientific scholarship and education. The population was high authority of the Dutch Reformed Church, but many continued to be the congregation of the Roman Catholic Church, was also a significant influence of the Christian communities - Mennonites. Their teachings attracted a categorical condemnation of war and violence, patriarchal purity. In 1675, Jan Luyken was baptized in the Mennonite fellowship that marked a milestone in his work as a Christian thinker.

Their ideas about God and man, he embodied in Vol. N. "Emblematic" books, where representational scenes were accompanied by short poetic texts with quotations from the Bible. Sermons are deeply Christian, honest, modest working life devoted 13 of his books. Among them are more famous "Christ and the soul" (1678), "The Mirror of human activities" (1694). Book "About the beginning and the end of the prime of life," he managed to complete before his death, April 5, 1712.

An important place in the works of Jan Loykena belongs to the Bible. His "Bible pictures" be published small and large lots 24, 42, 62, 148 and 400 sheets. In them, he recreated the events for spectators and the teachings of Scripture, selected the themes and interpreted them. Variants with the author's verses explained the scriptures. In the scene and retelling biblical stories addressed to the ordinary viewer and reader, Jan Luyken acted as a moralist and educator.

The legacy of Jan Loykena includes illustrations to more than 500 volumes of the works of other authors. He has collaborated with 29 publishing houses Netherlands - European leader of the XVII century in book publishing. The book illustrations also occupied an important place biblical themes.

The exhibition presents the works of Jan Loykena on major stories of the Old and New Testaments in the specific realities. All of them take into account the texts of the Bible study Protestant theologians, to form the science of Biblical Studies. For the first time the collection of Jan Loykena in the museum collection is represented as a single entity.

The exhibition runs until January 26, 2019.

December 6, 2019 - January 26, 2020
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