Exhibition "Bow, arrows and quiver in the glow of coins. Weapons and coins of the Northern Black Sea Region"

26 February, Wednesday, 10:00

The exhibition presents more than 20 rare artifacts from the Museum's numismatic collection.

Image of deities on the obverse of the coins has been a tradition for ancient coinage, while the reverse side is often diverted by images of deities attributes: bow and arrows of Apollo, a club of Hercules, quiver of Artemis, helmet and shield of Athena, Ares' spear. On the coins of the ancient cities of the Northern Black Sea coast - Panticapaeum and Olbia often placed onions image lit (for the bow and arrow case), arrows, quivers.

Rapid and numerous cavalry of nomadic tribes of the Northern Black Sea coast - the Scythian and Sarmatian - was armed with bows, javelins, spears and swords. Bow Scythian type, small in size, resembling the Greek letter "sigma". It was worn at the waist on the left side, in a special pouch-burn. Gorita made of wood and leather, their surface is often decorated with stripes or plates made of precious metals with images of mythological or military scenes. Outside to the burns was mounted quiver. Arrows consist of the ferrule, the shaft and flights. Convenience and ease of such weapons is appreciated by many peoples, including the Greeks, who settled on the Black Sea, and adjacent to these tribes, for example, Meotians inhabiting the Kuban steppe and the basin of the Don. On Panticapaeum IV in coins. BC. you can see the bow of the Scythian type, on the coins of Olbia III centuries. BC. - dismounted archer at the moment of attack strapped to his belt off.

Armament was accompanied by soldiers, not only during his life, but after death, becoming grave goods. This is confirmed by numerous finds of arrowheads, javelins, spears, fragments of burning, buckles for fastening straps, harness elements, and similar items in the ancient tombs of the Northern Black Sea.

The exhibition includes copper coins of the Greek city-colony of Olbia (on the obverse of which depicts a river god Borisfen, goddess Tyche and Artemis, and the reverse bow invested in burns and monograms), different denomination coins (Obolo, tetrahalki) Panticapaeum, Kingdom of the Bosporus IV capital -I centuries. BC (with the image of a head satire or Apollo on the obverse and the bow and arrow or bow and burns on the back), as well as objects from the ancient necropolis of the European and Asian parts of the Bosporus.

Until February 26, 2020.

January 26, 2019 – February 26, 2020
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