The exhibition «Antiquities Kara Tepe»

25 February, Tuesday, 10:00

In November, under the permanent exhibition «Religions of the East: Buddhism» State Museum of the History of Religion offers a mini-exhibition of archaeological finds of the first expedition to Kara Tepe in 1937. Hill Kara Tepe (Turk -. "Black Hill") - a unique complex of Buddhist era Kushan Empire (I- IV c.) The complex is located on the territory of Old Termez (southern Uzbekistan) in the bend of the river Amu Darya, near the island of Aral-Paygambar.

During the dawn of the Kushan empire, Buddhism enters Central Asia region. This is evidenced by numerous finds of various Buddhist structures. Archaeological excavations in 1937, carried out on Kara Tepe, revealed the presence here of a series of cave temple complexes. Further archaeological work resumed almost a quarter of a century later, confirmed the existence on the territory of a large Buddhist religious center.

Complex Kara Tepe has a view of the two merged together hills, crowned with three vertices. The first study showed that inside the hill were ancient buildings and cave temple complexes. Cave premises included the sanctuary, where the sculptures and circuitous corridors to carry pradakshina - ritual bypass. The walls of the corridors were painted monochrome images of the Buddha and had niches for lamps. Ground facilities include the courtyard, where the entrance to the cave room. Systematic archaeological excavations, organized by the Institute of Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Sciences, began in 1937 under the leadership of Eugene Bonner Bee (1895-1972).

Major excavations were carried out on the southern slope of the hill. In the process of this work remains of the walls of the temple have been found, which is adjacent to a small courtyard.fragments grinders, lamps, vessel , terracotta figurine Buddha plate depicting goddess Anakhita (water goddess and Iranian mythology fertility), and others. Also, complementary exposure documentary photographic materials.

Until February 25, 2020

November 22, 2018 – February 25, 2020
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