Scarlet Sails 2020

27 June, Saturday, 22:30

June 27 will be the nationwide "Farewell party" for schoolchildren of Russia.

Its final part will be the "Scarlet Sails" Festival. This year the live broadcast of the event will be available for both Russian and foreign audience of the portal

! The broadcast is scheduled to begin at 22:30 on June 27.

The highlight of the Festival with a water show and the passage of the “Russia” brigantine across the Gulf of Finland will be also broadcast by all the country's central television channels.

The Scarlet Sails is one of the most popular events in St. Petersburg. This Festival makes a significant contribution to the growth of the tourist flow of the city, brings fame on a global scale. This is the only Russian holiday included in the register of world event tourism and recommended for visiting in almost 20 countries of the European Union.

In 2020, it was decided to conduct the Scarlet Sails Festival in an online format due to the imposed restrictive measures caused by the spread of a new coronavirus COVID-19. The nationwide online farewell party with the broadcasting of the Scarlet Sails Festival will be a worthy alternative for school graduates whose graduation parties have been cancelled.

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