Photo show “The Palace. Reload”

21 April, Tuesday

This photo show has been presented all over the world, but it`s the first time, it`s its first time in Russia

The project tells us about decoration and renovation of Friedrich`s the VII Palace in Copenhagen and also presents a new glance on that classic museum.

The Palace of Friedrich the VII is a part of Amalienborg- the official residence of Danish royal family. It`s a residence of danish crown prince Frederich and his family- his wife Mary and four of their children. 2004-2010 the palace was under renovation. Its results were captured by the photographers Toben Eskerod and Roberto Fortuna. The exhibition consists of 24 photographs, depicting a new approach to renovation process of public buildings. The new provocative and really attractive peculiarities occurred. The event takes place at the classic museum, that should serve as a loft or a gallery of modern art. The half-abandoned and condemned building will have a fresh start through modern art.

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