Kochegar-rock exhibition

24 May, Sunday

In memory of Alexander “Kochegar” Davidov, a musician, St. Petersburg contr-culture activist

Rock musicians as Sasha Kochegar (“the stoker”) led life both horizontally (being in general) and vertically. The second way was totally and unconditionally dedicated to art, most often including full separation from social rules. Such activity stays not only in texts, songs, etc., but also an energetic impulse, covering certain people and creating events. As for separation from social rules turns into lack of documents or permanent home. In our culture many had such a semi-legal status: Alexey Khvostenko, Oleg Grigoriev.

Alexander Davidov-Kochegar once said: “There is no devil when you have a culture archangel’s gun at your head…

Our kind of rock-n-roll...

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