Premiere of the play "You, I and the Truth" at the Theater of Comedy. N.P. Akimova

26 February, Friday, 12:00

19, 20 and 26 February on the stage of the Theater of Comedy. NP Akimova - premiere: "You, Me and Truth" based on the play by Florian Zeller in the director's version of Andrei Sidelnikov.

Theater of Comedy. N.P. Akimova is staging for the first time the play "La Vérité" / "Truth" (translated by Alexander Pitch) by one of the brightest and most sought-after playwrights of modern France - Florian Zeller. The play is titled "You, I Really." What is she, a lie in the name of love? Does the truth really matter? The answers to these questions come to life in a dynamic theatrical sketch of passion, loyalty and duty.

Zeller builds a complex dramatic puzzle, ironing about the "delights of betrayal." Two bright married couples - great tennis lovers, play a dexterous and emotional game, masterly possessing the ball and racket. Imperceptibly, the change of partners goes beyond the boundaries of the court, reshaping the personal lives of the heroes. It is not by chance that the author chose Voltaire's statement as an epigraph for the play: “Lying is a vice only when it serves evil. But it is the greatest virtue when it serves good ...”Sooner or later, the entire secret becomes apparent, and everyone is forced to decide which one to prefer: passion or family stability, a saving lie or the naked truth? Stage director Andrei Sidelnikov presents love affairs in the form of an energetic tennis game.

Florian Zeller is a renowned contemporary French novelist and playwright, recipient of the prestigious Prix Interallié and Moliere awards in literature. The author of the novels "Artificial Snow", "Lovers or something similar", "The Charm of Evil" and others. His works have been translated into dozens of languages, including Russian. Stars of the first magnitude play in Zeller's plays, including: Isabelle Huppert, Daniel Auteuil, Robert Irsch, Fabrice Lucini, Pierre Arditi. In June 2019, as director, Zeller directed a film based on his play "Daddy" with Anthony Hopkins in the title role. Critics recognize Zeller as "one of the most significant literary talents in France."

Andrey Sidelnikov is the chief director of the Saturday Theater. Director of more than 20 performances in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. Teaches acting and acting improvisation. As an artist he performed on the stages of the theaters: "Comedians", "Carambol", "Classic Theater", "On Liteiny". In 2020, he was awarded the Golden Soffit prize for the play Lech, which was included in the list of the most notable productions of the season, according to the expert council of the Golden Mask.

Also working on the play: artist - Nikolai Slobodyanik, lighting designer - Denis Solntsev. Cast: Michelle - Denis Zaitsev, Laurence - Natalia Tkachenko, Paul - Vitaly Kuzmin, Alice - Elizaveta Alexandrova / Alisa Kondratyeva.

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