St. Isaac’s Cathedral to open an exhibition “On a wheelchair without barriers”

02 March, Tuesday, 11:00

From February 18 till March 2, an exhibition of works by disabled artists in wheelchairs“On a wheelchair without barriers” will be open at the State Museum-Monument “St. Isaac's Cathedral”.

This exhibition resulted from the implementation of a joint welfare project of the museum and the St. Petersburg disabled rights advocacy group “On a wheelchair without barriers”, focused on the development of creative interactions between cultural entites and public organizations representing the interests of people with disabilities orreduced mobility.

Within two years, a number of thematic creative meetings betweendisabled artists andmuseum employees specializing in working with handicapped visitors were held at St. Isaac’s Cathedral. During these study sessions they talked about the history of the cathedral’sconstruction, about the features of Orthodox churcharchitecture, its interior and exterior decoration. The impressionsfrom these meetings under the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral found its creative embodiment in the artists’ works.

Visitors of the exhibition “On a wheelchair without barriers”will be able to see 28 works executed in different art techniques.

The exhibition features works by Alexander Nekhoroshev, Anton Smirnov, Artem Platov, Varvara Mirokhina, Darina Kalyavkina, Ivan Galanichev, Svetlana Bystrova, Yuri Petrov.

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  • Phone Number: +7 (812) 315-43-61
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