Concert of the group Mekbuda

14 May, Friday, 20:30

Analog synthesizers, sci-fi soundtracks, futuristic sound and incredible space projections - all this at the Mekbuda concert on May 14 at the Lumière Hall.

Mekbuda is a Petersburg band whose music combines jazz harmonies, improvisation and complex rhythmic structures. The band's intergalactic musical space includes jungle, dub, hip-hop, funk, cosmic synthesizers and deep, soulful trumpet sound.

The music of this group is rich not only stylistically, but also interesting from a conceptual point of view. Their compositions are always based on stories told in the language of modern jazz.

For example, the track Yasuke is based on the story of the first black samurai who arrived in Japan in 1579 as part of a missionary group from Italy. And the band's album "Convincing Delusional" (2020) is the "unofficial soundtrack" for the science fiction film Planet Ka-Pax.

The project includes Igor Shilov (trumpet), Roman Zyryanov (drums), Dmitry Rubanov (bass) and Alexander Petrov (keyboards).


Tickets on the link:

Guests have access to seats on soft poufs or at tables.

Ticket price: from 1000 to 5600 rubles.

Collection of guests at 20:00

Start at 20:30

Address: Embankment of the Obvodny Canal 74, letter D

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