LUNAPARK Show Premiere (by Daniele Finzi Pasca)

10 October, Sunday

The premiere of the Russian staging of the lyric sentimental show LUNAPARK by the Swiss director Daniele Finzi Pasca will take place on August 26. The story of a family's journey to the sea in the visual style of neorealist Italian movies will be shown in the "Lumiere Hall" creative space, which will be completely redesigned for the performance.

Performances by the famous Swiss director Daniele Finzi Pasca have been staged on various scenes all over the world many times: Compagnia Finzi Pasca has produced more than 30 performances, six major operas, participated in the design of Olympic ceremonies and the creation of shows for Cirque du Soleil.
The LUNAPARK immersive performance premiered in Lugano, Switzerland, on September 8, 2020 and in December they started working on the Russian version. Creating her performance in a difficult time of restrictions, when the distance between people is especially great and the feeling of the lack of warmth of simple human communication and freedom is extremely intensive, Finzi Pasca opens the door to a huge space that is not subject to any restrictions, allowing you to travel without thinking about boundaries and experience amazing vivid deep feelings: a journey to the space of memories.
“It is a nostalgic, touching performance that combines light, play of reflections, forgotten childhood emotions and carelessness” (c) Daniele Finzi Pasca
The search for new forms of interaction with spectators amid the pandemic was a challenge to which Finzi Pasca responded with this immersive performance. This format made it possible to follow the norms of distancing and keep the actors and spectators closer to each other than ever at the same time. Having abandoned the stage, letting spectators into the backstage filled with images that create the performance, Finzi Pasca invented another trick reducing the distance to the minimum.
The Russian version is based on the text, music, ideas and images taken from Daniele's original project. The team retained Finzi Pasca’s recognizable directorial techniques- a combination of theater, dance, acrobatics and light, tender atmosphere, but rethinking the scenographic and director's concept of the performance.
One of the most difficult tasks was finding a place for the performance that was suitable and ready for redesign. The ideal solution was one of the former gas holders, a part of the creative space "Lumiere Hall".
Maria Romanova, the director of the Russian version, Andrey Punin, the designer of the project, and Yevgeny Ganzburg , the author of the light, have created an incredible space of a surreal promenade in the gasholder, filled with images that refer to forgotten dreams, childhood discoveries and bittersweet memories of the past. Freely moving around this mythical amusement park, the audience makes a circle on the carousel of images, ending up on the stage, where they will hear a heartwarming monologue about life, death, memory, happiness, childhood - about many important, intimate and subtle experiences familiar to every person.
As part of this large-scale project, not only the inner space of the gas holder was redesigned, but also the neighboring street area, which will become a full-fledged recreation area with a food court, free concerts of Petersburg based musicians, pop corn and cotton candy: it is impossible to imagine an amusement park without all these things, which you will be able to get for free, exchanging them for game tokens attached to each ticket.
In our difficult times marked with uncertainty and indefinite future, LUNAPARK gives its spectators an opportunity to look back, recollect being surprised and delighted by the world in their childhood and go back in time at least for  an hour and a half to this simple, bright and joyful time.


26 August 2021- 10 October 2021
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