War Poster–Victory Poster exhibition

13 May, Wednesday

Exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War

State Museum of Political History of Russia has a unique collection of political posters, one of the most prominent in the country. The exhibition “War Poster - Poster of Victory” presents the array of posters of the World War II period; they are united by a common theme of inevitable victory over the enemy, and the national publications on the Victory Day. Most of the exhibits are demonstrated for the first time, including the unique paintings posters – “TASS Windows”.

The exhibition consists of two parts: posters of 1941-1945, they represent the people’s desire for the victory over the enemy, the faith in the power of Soviet weapons, and the postwar period posters, issued to the Victory day and reflecting the political situation in respect to this prominent event in the certain periods of the Russian history.

Posters presented at the exhibition have different emphasis reflecting the relation to soldiers of the Red Army, who passed the road of war. Artists have managed to create a memorable image of the warriors who bravely fought for their country and confidence in the fairness of their struggle, in the power of their country.

World War II poster is one of the most memorable and vivid artistic cultural phenomena of the XX century. Its credibility, high pathos, impact strength and enthusiasm are largely explained by the professionalism of the Soviet poster artists and their ability to make extensive use of all means of poster graphics. After the decades, the military poster remains the acute art, battle and ageless in its spirit, and has the ability of mobile response to significant historical events.

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