'V dvizhenii' Coca-Cola showcase

26 July, Sunday

Coca-Cola museum continues its journey across Russia

On the 16th of July the Opening Ceremony of the Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living Showcase will take place in front of Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex. The tent is hosting Coca-Cola's newest project 'V Dvizhenii' (which translates as 'in motion') and is aimed at supporting sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Inside there is a detailed and very nicely illustrated display that will encourage you to live your life more actively and healthily.

To help people to find their way in activity and to have fun and be happy, Coca-Cola Russia has created a website www.v-dvizhenii.com (‘in movement’), where visitors can learn different types of activities they can practice. Activity ideas are provided through educational video lessons, shot with Olympic champions, prominent athletes and youth community leaders. Visitors of the web will have the opportunity not only watch videos, learn the experience, share and invite friends, but also generate their own content, once certain results achieved.

The overall journey in Dome 2 of the Coca-Cola Showcase is the live replication of Vdvizhenii web, representing three areas for basic exercising - at home, outdoor, in sport facilities. 

Previously the Showcase visited Sochi and Kazan. Now Petersburg citizens and guests have a chance to visit this outstanding park. And of course you can’t walk out of the tent without a sip of Coca-Cola.

Entrance is free!

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