Georgiy (Gaga) Kovenchuk. 1933-2015 Exhibition

12 October, Monday

At the exhibition are presented about 100 works of the Artist

Georgiy (Gaga) Kovenchuk (1933-2015) was born in Leningrad. He graduated from graphic faculty of Institute of Repin, workshop of A.F. Pakhomov. Georgy Kovenchuk trough his origin was with advanced Russian culture, his grandfather Nikolay Kulbin was an eminent art person, theorist of the Russian vanguard. Artist’s life cannot be represented without of his contemporary culture in Leningrad-St. Petersburg, and it is organically bound with its creative atmosphere.

In the 1960th years Kovenchuk worked in a poster genre for "A fighting pencil", in 1969-1972 was the art director of the Avrora magazine. He created a lot in a genre of the poster and a book illustration, worked for theaters. The first personal exhibition of Kovenchuk took place in 1971, but was closed by the authorities in some days for "formalism". Since 1988 it was constantly exposed in various French and European galleries. In 2008 its personal exhibitions took place in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Works of the Gaga Kovenchuk are represented in the State Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Petersburg Museum of History of St. Petersburg, in the collection of National Public Library, in many foreign and Russian galleries, and private collections. In 2003 the artist was awarded by a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts.

At the exhibition are presented about 100 works of the Artist - paintings, graphics, sculpture and posters from the collection of the artist’s family, the Russian Museum collection and private collections.


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