Abode of Charity. Tibetan Buddhist Art

17 January, Sunday, 10:30

The exhibition of masterpieces of Tibetan art is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Saint-Petersburg's datsan

The exhibition is dedicated to the sublime spiritual world of Tibetan Buddhist art. The teaching of Buddhism emerged in North India in the 6th century BC and over the course of its long history, it spread to many countries and adjusted to local traditions. The Buddhist teaching brought along new concepts of the perfect beauty of the deities and strict iconographic canons for portraying them. The artists reinterpreted the images of the deities in their own way, introducing ethnic-specific features to their faces and adding distinctive variations to the decorative elements. Tibet created its own special spiritual culture, becoming in a way an “abode of charity”, the centre of the world’s Buddhist culture. Tibetan art is steeped in ideas of love and compassion. The followers of Buddhism renounced the outside world and concentrated on understanding their inner nature and their place in this world. The exhibition most comprehensively covers the Hermitage collection of Tibetan art. Its core was formed in the 1930s on the basis of private collections owned by Esper Ukhtomsky, Piotr Kozlov, Agathon Fabergé, Yuri Roerich, and others.

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