Chukotka - Photographs by Konstantin Lemeshev

22 November, Sunday

The display comprises photographs from the collection of ROSPHOTO which have been created during the recent fifteen years

Although the subjects of Lemeshev’s works seem to be quite ordinary, each picture is based on a true story. In his photographs Lemeshev not only depicts typical everyday life scenes and covers traditional way of life of the locals, but does his best to render the beauty of northern nature and observe the effects caused by modern civilization to ingenious culture.

The main characters of Lemeshev’s work are the residents of Chukotka, the people whom the artist respects sincerely and deeply. In the abovementioned monograph the author notes: “The people of Chukotka call themselves ‘Luoravetlan,’ which means ‘true persons.’ They have inhabited this harsh Northern land named Chukotka since the dawn of time. <…> Staying at a reindeer farm and observing the locals, feeling the rhythm and mood of their life you eventually come to understand that there is a unique aura here, the aura which is natural and is in harmony with the Land, the land of Luoravetlan.” 


Entrance fee - 100 rub.


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