22 November, Sunday

The exhibition presens the works by artists from Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design

Once a painter – always a painter…

This shall not be another exhibition of pictures on the walls. This exhibition is dedicated to the constant search of painterly values in works and medias other than traditional painting. We gathered works of art made by those who present themselves as painters, who teach and explore painting in everyday experience, who think and find painting as the definition of their art. But these works are not paintings, at least in classical meaning of easel painting practice. They penetrate basics of painting like color, light, structure, composition, etc. using other media: photography, video, c-print, graphics and many others.

Why do painters reach for cameras and computers instead of leaving it to good old paints and brushes? This exhibition shows why: because they can, because they want to, because they know how. They know how to expand field of painting on other areas still remaining truthful and dedicated painters.

What are painterly characteristics and values? This seemingly simple question has as many answers as many answerers. Every artist, every person knows own definition based on intuition and experience. When a painter explores the world – in artistic practice and in everyday life – he/she always sees it though pictures and always finds painterly features even beyond paintings. Once a painter – always a painter…

«OF PAINTING OFF PAINTING» is a presentation of works of different kind that have one thing in common: the undeniable spirit of painting. They represent different artistic attitudes; for some artists they represent main field of work, for others these works are like a spontaneous gesture, a short breath of cold air. Always refreshing our minds and points of view on painting.

The exhibition shows works of 19 artists of different generations.

Participants: Borgosz Marta, Jakubek Marek, Kołodziejczyk Anna, Kortyka Stanisław, Milecka Daria, Minciel Kasper, Moskowczenko Kamil, Nitka Zdzisław, Pałys Joanna, Pintal Przemysław, Promna Marlena,  Pukocz Wojciech, Rafałowicz Andrzej, Sikorki Michał, Skarbek Krzysztof,  Szewczyk Anna, Tyszkowski Piotr, Wałaszek Krzysztof, Wołczuk Marian.

Concept and curating: Marta Borgosz and Wojciech Pukocz.

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