St. Petersburg HandMade Theatre


Saint-Petersburg Hands Plastic Theatre was created in 2007

All actors graduated from the State Theatrical Academy's puppetry faculty. The main point around which the company was formed was a special ability, even a talent for seeing something unique in ordinary things. Many different arm-hand development exercises helped make it possible for the actors to speak about everything using only their hands. Eventually, it became a genre.

"Hand Made" took part in big shows held in The State Kremlin Palace (Moscow). The theatre made performances in European countries such as Finland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and Bulgaria. "Hand Made" represented Russia at Cannes Russian Seasons in 2010. During this festival "Hand Made" received an official invitation to open The Carnival of Venice in Italy. In August 2012 "Hand Made" theatre had UK debut and took part in The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in September. In 2012 theatre won the main award of the Poppenspelfestival in Meppel, Netherlands.

In 2013-2014 "Hand Made" performed in USA, Japan, Korea, Serbia, German, Denmark.

In 2014 "Hand Made" performed in Sochi during Cultutal Olympiad that accompanied the 2014 Olympic Games. 

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